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“When the time comes I want to settle back in Rwanda, and look for the rest of my family.”
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“My name is Abdalrahman, and I was born in Burundi even though my family is originally from Gisenyi, the border area with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Rwanda. My father came to Burundi with my grandfather and my uncle in 1959 to escape the war. They were cattle breeders, and brought their livestock with when they came here.

“Their wish was always to go back to Rwanda. When my grandfather came back to Rwanda after the war, in 1961, he was killed. So my father decided to stay in Burundi, and my family settled in the North Eastern part of the country. My father only briefly went back to Rwanda in 1994 after the genocide, and found out that all of our family that had stayed there were dead.

“I am married, I have three children, and I have been working for international organizations for years. I have lived my whole life in Burundi.

“I feel very connected to Rwanda and my aim is to go back. But first I want to go to Gisenyi to find traces of my family, and when the time comes I want to settle in Rwanda with my family.”

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