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After her Burundian experience, she would like to move around Africa and work in the field of development economics
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South Africa

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Maya is a 27-year-old South African currently living in Bujumbura, Burundi. She recently decided to move to Bujumbura to work as a technical assistant on modelling and monetary policy for the Banque de la République du Burundi, the country’s central bank. Maya found a job by herself and did not resort to any public or private employment service. She enjoys her work and considers it allows her to afford a good standard of living in Bujumbura. She actually acknowledges that her financial situation has improved since moving to Burundi. Having lived in several big cities in the past, she describes the Burundian capital as small, chaotic and friendly. She feels that Bujumbura has quite a diverse population composed of both foreigners and Burundians from other parts of the country. Being fluent in both French and English and currently learning Kirundi, Maya manages to communicate with most people in the Burundian capital, where Kirundi, Swahili, French and English are the predominant languages. Maya decided to move into a shared house and has a formal tenancy agreement. The house is functional with running water, toilets, electricity, etc. and is located in a neighborhood that she considers safe. She did not receive any assistance from public or non-governmental services regarding accommodation. She feels comfortable in her house and in Bujumbura and in fact says that she feels at home in the city. When it comes to health services, she has health insurance and can easily go to the hospital or the doctor if needed. For the moment, Maya does not belong to any association and is not eligible to participate in municipal elections. As she recently arrived in Bujumbura, her knowledge of the city government is limited. Moreover, she still needs to learn what to do in case of natural disasters; Bujumbura is prone to floods and she does not know what safety measures to follow if this situation arises. Maya is planning to stay in Burundi for the next two years while maintaining contact with her community back home. After her Burundian experience, she would like to move around Africa and work in the field of development economics.

This profile is from the World Migration Report 2015

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