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photo credit: IOM/Chhaya Chhin

14,418 kmfrom home
"Migration works as a bridge over the divide of misunderstanding and the unknown. I hope I am part of that bridge."
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United States

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“I arrived to Cambodia 12 years ago. I came as a psychologist and a Catholic priest from the United States of America and I have been providing psychological support in Cambodia to those in need.

Of course, moving to a new place is never easy, and understanding the language and culture can be big barriers for anyone. However, for me, the key is being open to others. Whether that involves being open to others’ similarities or differences, we can embrace all the great benefits of migration and the multi-cultural society it provides.

I often think about how so many people on a global level are driven from their home or even their country because of war or persecution, as it occurred in Cambodia decades ago.  With that in mind, we must remember that migrants are human beings, and as human beings we need to help each other.  This is especially true for those who have endured war and hardships that have made it impossible or extremely difficult to remain in their home country.

I am a migrant and I believe that migration works as a bridge over the divide of misunderstanding and the unknown and serves exchange culture, language and life from one country to another. I hope I am part of that bridge.”

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