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Photo: Rhovys Mardochée 

1,012 kmfrom home
" When we left CAR, my family and I left with my Toyota "
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Central African Republic

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“I am a transporter, that is, a driver by profession since my time in the Central African Republic (CAR). I returned to Chad following the armed conflict in 2014 and am currently living in the Kobiteye site for returnees where I am the current Vice President.

When we left CAR, my family and I left with my Toyota brand van and it is thanks to this means of transportation that we have been able to take care of ourselves for years .

Once we arrived in Chad, we started with transporting people from Goré to Yamodo, Beboungai, and Moundou. With this truck, I support my family of 9 children and can contribute in one way or another by giving access to the sites of returnees, villages, and surrounding cities.”

This story is part of the "Beyond the Headlines: an Overview of Migration in Chad" publication.

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