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Photo: Kimani DeShields-Williams

2,785 kmfrom home
" Europe is not their only option to be successful. "
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Cote d'Ivoire

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Passionate, devoted, energetic, and motivated, these are words that describe Hervé, a young migrant from Burkina Faso whose mission is to raise awareness on the harsh reality of irregular migration.

After losing multiple friends to the dangerous journey to Europe, he created “Mably Inter” an association which utilizes his own talents as an artist to spread messages on the reality of what really happens when trying to reach Europe. 

“When we are young, we are taught everything is better in Europe, do your best so one day you can make it to Europe, the idea of migration is put in our mind as children” he expresses when explaining factors that contribute to African youth taking the chance to embark on the journey. 

 In recognition of the phenomenon, claiming the lives of many, he promotes the message “And what if I Stay ” four powerful words that encourage youth in particular to think twice before taking the dangerous risk. Today, his efforts have developed a network of like-minded individuals working to spread the message in Cameroon, the Ivory Coast and Morocco. Hervé hopes to expand the network throughout Africa, to raise awareness among the youth that Europe is not their only option to be successful. 

This story is part of the "Beyond the Headlines: an Overview of Migration in Chad" publication.


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