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Photo: Eden Oulatar Thomas 

1,160 kmfrom home
" I have decided to return to the family I left behind. "
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“I am a Nigerien, married with 4 children from Zongondachi. After my marriage, it was very difficult to take care of my children, although my husband tried to do small things, they just did not produce enough earnings to support our family. The anger and frustration forced me to leave for Faya, where I hoped to eventually make it to Europe. Here in Faya, I go door to door looking for clothes to wash, a small way to make a little bit of money. The two years that have passed in Faya, my life has not changed, thus I have decided to return to the family I left behind. 

This story is part of the "Beyond the Headlines: an Overview of Migration in Chad" publication.

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