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"My experience has been educational and very enriching, but not always easy."
English teacher
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United States

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“Nature, wine, seafood and breathtaking landscapes, Chile has it all and are some of the main reasons why my boyfriend and I chose to move here.

In some aspects the move from America was easy since we both spoke Spanish. In other ways it was quite difficult. Moving from a small town in Virginia, United States of about 50,000 to Santiago, Chile was quite challenging.

I had never lived in such a big city and it was overwhelming. Establishing connections with the community and making friends was much more difficult, given the sheer size of the city and the number of people living there.

I moved to Chile with the aim of teaching English. However, since coming here I became interested in learning about migration and joined the International Organization for Migration to do an internship.

My experience of moving to Chile has been greatly educational and enriching, but not always easy. The difficulties are not specific to Chile, but rather the general difficulties of finding one’s own pace and making meaningful connections when one moves to a new place.”

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