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"It’s important to read and expand your knowledge but interacting with people is the only other way to really grow as humans."
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"Throughout my studies in school, I was always interested by the future of business in African countries, and I was always drawn to how setback DRC’s economy situation was, my motivation is always leading to that direction. There’s a lot of untapped potential and constraints in Africa. I wanted to see my chances for myself.

I remember the first thing when I arrived at Kinshasa was seeing a big city. There was a bit of a culture shock at first but with some adjustments with social life and work I easily got integrated.

When I signed up for my position online, the post was poorly described. I knew it was on the outskirts of Kinshasa but I didn’t know it was in a village. When I visited my post it was in the middle of nowhere with trees everywhere and nothing else. I got shocked and felt like my life was going to get paused. I wasn’t going to be able to start my business on the side as planned.

I got involved with Global Shapers because it was important to get integrated in society and the culture, and learn about where people’s backgrounds. It’s vital to making a project to help people at their homes. I’m hoping to bring my growing knowledge and expertise back to my country. No matter how much I integrate well or how much time I spend here I will never know what it’s like to grow up here, and that’s really important to start a local business.

Here people are on their toes, entrepreneurs are striving to create their businesses one step at a time. In terms of mentality, there are many brilliant young entrepreneurs in Kinshasa. Unfortunately some of the systems in place prevent them from excelling at the rate that they potentially could. I’m hoping to play my part in helping them while having fun doing so in this entrepreneurial environment.

Living in a city like Hamilton you meet a diversity of cultures. In different ways it helps you grow up as a person. It’s important to read and expand your knowledge but interacting with people is the only other way to really grow as humans. I am absolutely for people moving and experiencing other places."


Dylan is currently working as a business advisor for an Organization of Development and business in Kinshasa, working with local NGO in agro forestry and agriculture. 


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