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“Everyone should feel welcome all over the world.”
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Costa Rica
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"I am from Mexico, but I have been living in Costa Rica with my family for 10 years now. My dad got a better job offer and my mom wanted to go to Costa Rica, so they decided to come. Back then, I was a child and it was very difficult to leave and say goodbye to all my friends.

Before moving to Costa Rica, I had the wrong idea about this country. I thought that we were going to have monkeys throwing fruit at us in our garden and that we were going to find snakes on the sidewalk. Of course, I was exaggerating a bit. The moment I got here I started to make some friends and I felt really at home because as a child I was not fully aware we were living abroad. At the beginning, culture shock did not affect me so much, but over the years that changed.

When I was 12, my classmates started to tell me that I wasn’t from Costa Rica. We as children were very immature and other kids started to pick on me. The year 2015 was very difficult for me because “el Chapo Guzmán” just escaped from prison, many people thought Mexico cheated to win the Gold Cup, and finally, 43 students were killed in Ayotzinapa. Unfortunately, this kind of incidents were a reason for my classmates to associate me with negative things.

At the end of that year, I decided to stand up and I started my own YouTube channel to upload videos with one single message: We are equal! I began by telling people from Costa Rica that I loved their country as much as I loved Mexico. Little by little, many Costa Ricans felt identified with my message and they decided to support me.

I was in High school when I started my YouTube channel, and at first, I was a joke for my classmates. However, they came to understand the importance of my videos and a lot of them even made me suggestions or asked me if they could appear in one of them.

The main purpose of my videos is to raise awareness because everyone should feel welcome all over the world."


Alejandro joined the #IamaMigrant Challenge.

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