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"That is the biggest challenge of living in another country: living a little here and a little there"
Daniel Matul
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Costa Rica
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I'm Daniel Matul Romero, I'm from Guatemala but I've been living in Costa Rica for 30 years. I left my country because my family was persecuted for its political position and the context of the time was complicated.

My life in Costa Rica can be divided into two stages: the first ten years when the constant challenge was to adapt to a new life. The second stage comes when the insertion to the culture and to the country in general becomes easier. You already feel part of here too.

My family and I found many opportunities in Costa Rica. People have always been willing to help us, they have always welcomed us with open doors. But maybe this reality is not the same for other families that come from other regions.

I don’t think we left anything behind. My home could be a Guatemalan territorial space but with windows and doors open to Costa Rica. My home became a place where both visions and cultures can grow and live together.

That is the biggest challenge of living in another country: living a little here and a little there. You live the two visions of the world every day, one from the home country and the other one from the host country. Expressions, food, culture, world vision: the two countries intersect in everyday life.

For me, poetry was the bridge for both cultures to remain alive. The poetry was always there, to generate simultaneous spaces between Guatemala and Costa Rica. I wrote the book "Noche de ronda", a poetry book about migration and feelings, which won the Unique Poetry Prize of the Hispanic-American Floral Games of Quetzaltenango (Guatemala) in 2009.

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