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"We crossed eight countries to finally feel safe and escape from the insecurity and threats back home."
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Fatemeh is pregnant and left Afghanistan with her husband and three children. The reason they had to leave their country was the insecurity and constant threats to her husband who was working for the NATO for several years. In the end they felt their life was in danger.

In January 2016 they left Afghanistan embarking on a long journey. They went to Pakistan, and then to Iran, after which where they were smuggled to Turkey. They spent one month in Turkey in the migrants and refugees camp then eventually managed to take the boat to Greece. The boat was overcrowded and the journey was very dangerous but they managed to arrive safe to Greece. They went on a 12 hours walk from Greece to Macedonia when Fatemeh fell sick during the exhausting journey. Finally they arrived to Macedonia and then to Serbia and continued their journey to Croatia and to Slovenia. Their aim was to reach Germany where they had relatives. However, in Slovenia they were told they would be deported back to Croatia, following Slovenian decision not to let Afghans pass the border.

The family spent 20 days in Slavonski Brod Winter Reception and Transit Centre (WRTC) and after they applied for asylum they were moved to the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Zagreb, where they have been accommodated for two months. They are now waiting for the second interview with the Croatian authorities and hope they will be allowed to live and work in Croatia.

In Croatia they feel at peace, the people are very friendly and gentle and they believe their integration would be quick and easy.

They were very satisfied with the support provided by IOM and look forward to attending English and Croatian language classes provided by IOM, which would be particularly important for her children and her husband and would increase his chances of getting a job in Croatia in the future.

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