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"Getting used to another country is a process. It took me some time but I feel happy now because I’ve made it here."
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El Salvador
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Lester is a chef who has lived in El Salvador since 2006.

“Although El Salvador is close to my home country, Guatemala, I didn’t have the opportunity to come here before that. But after my first visit, I had to come back because of my work and I’ve been here ever since.”

Lester arrived in El Salvador in his car, with a few clothes and his computer. “I thought that I would come for a couple of months and that I would live in a hotel so I didn’t need much. But here I am, still here a few years after!

My first impression of San Salvador was that it was a city with few buildings, not a lot of traffic, and people as lovely as the weather.

Living outside my own country is an experience that has enriched me. I’ve been able to meet a lot of people that have become very important in my life, and I’ve been able to learn so many things that I couldn’t in Guatemala.

Of course I always miss my family and the food but I feel happy now because I’ve made it in El Salvador. It hasn’t been easy, especially because getting used to another country is a process, starting with the weather, as well as the culture and the food.

I think what’s important is the commitment and the desire that you may have to overcome difficult situations. Now I feel like a Salvadoran at heart.”

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