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“I would encourage anyone looking to develop themselves professionally to have a good look at Estonia.”
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"It all starts with a desire for adventure and excitement. My mother recalls at the tender age of four, I already wanted to travel the world and learn about new cultures. When my aunt travelled to China, I asked her to bring me the Little Mermaid book in Chinese to teach myself the language. I didn’t, but the book was my greatest treasure. The wanderlust was also enhanced by my father who sailed across the ocean's as part of the Mexican Navy's medical team. I cried when I couldn’t go along.

Later in adolescence, I started taking steps towards travel: I started studying foreign languages and applying for Erasmus programs abroad. Unfortunately, I had to wait until I was 21 before I could step foot on European soil for the first time. That first four-month experience was incomparable, but soon I was back home and wishing for more.

I wrote down my sightseeing bucket list: Taj Mahal, Bioluminescent Seas, Northern Lights, learning German, trying out new foods… these last three reasons brought Estonia into my life. There were some huge misunderstandings, because Estonia is not exactly known for these three things, but I'm happy to report that I have practiced German here, I have seen impressive northern lights in the sky and although I haven’t eaten bear meat yet, I have tried other good dishes.

In all aspects, Estonia seemed like a promised land, full of snow (which I had never seen) and with possibilities to travel to other nearby countries I hadn’t been to before. I still remember the winter when I packed my bags in Mexico to come here. It was 16C back in Veracruz, my home city, and it felt cold as hell... 24 hours later I was in -22C Estonian weather and I could hardly breathe, but I was still happy and excited.

I keep traveling and finding new ventures, which is one of the reasons I stayed in Europe. Estonia has also helped me a lot to develop myself as a professional. The start-up sentiment is widespread and technology is in constant growth, represented in almost all companies. It rewires the way you think and approach challenges and life itself, and I feel Estonia is the right place to be now. I would encourage anyone looking to develop themselves professionally to have a good look at Estonia.

The quietness and timid environment have pushed me to learn to be alone. I have rediscovered passions I had given up before like writing and illustrating. On cold winter days, I stay home and illustrate using different techniques. I also write for my blog.

People might be scared of the loneliness and the dark nights here during winter. But I have always believed, you need only yourself to be happy and content, therefore you can be happy under any type of conditions. Estonian people can be cold and pragmatic even once you get to know them well, it’s just the way they are. It goes without saying that there are also many characteristics to admire, from their individuality to their “work hard” attitude, and they are also some of the most honest people I met. I have also been quite lucky to meet very welcoming Estonians, and expats like me who I can call family now.

I miss my country, of course, and I desperately miss warmer weather... But it’s really comforting to know that when I’m done challenging myself, I can always go back. I miss my mother and my brother the most. Missing people has somehow helped me become a better person. Every second of my time in this life is valuable. My wishes have also been re-accommodated: although I still long to travel a bit more and keep developing myself, one thing has become really clear - my most important goal is to be happy and make others happy."

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