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"My home will always be in Tahiti but I want to live a simple and happy life. Estonia is a good place for that."
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"I am from Tahiti, a French Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean. When I turned 18 I moved to France to study Business Administration but I felt like a stranger, French students were very different from me. We didn’t share the same culture at all! In Tahiti we have our own culture with some influences from the U.S.

Then, I enrolled as a master’s student in Estonia through the Erasmus Exchange programme. I had a really good time here and a quite good connection with the European Student Network organisation ... I then met the one I now call my wife who was a tutor at ESN! We had a long distance relationship for one year when I was finishing my last year of master’s studies. During that time I also did an internship in Canada. We visited each other when it was possible.

After finishing my master’s studies, I took my things and came to live in Estonia. I had no idea what I would do here, I didn’t have a job. One week before moving, I found a job offer for a French speaking person and applied. I had an interview on the same day I arrived to Estonia and started working on the next day. It all went very fast. I was extremely lucky. Coming to live in Estonia felt basically the same as I lived in France or Canada, I felt like a stranger there and here I felt the same although the language was a lot more complicated.

I have been living in Estonia with my wife and two daughters for 6 and a half years now. I like that life is simple in Estonia and a lot can be done online. One of our daughters is handicapped, so in the process of getting support for her we’ve discovered that Estonia still has a lot of bureaucracy especially in the area of health care. Otherwise I like it here, we do wood for winter, clean the land, go fishing, and barbecues. I want to live a simple and happy life and Estonia is a good place for that. My home will always be in Tahiti but now it is here in Estonia as well.

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