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"I want to serve my people; to learn from other societies, know what is happening elsewhere in the world."
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"I have a passion for politics. I want to serve my people; to learn from other societies, know what is happening elsewhere in the world and impart certain things to my home community. The best is to find harmony between different experiences. To do this I have to study, read and acquire vast knowledge

In Nigeria we have a family farm, where we do fish farming and oil plantation. I studied and practiced agricultural economics and farming, so I applied for a master’s program in Environmental Protection in Estonia. In early 2017 I came to study at the EuroAcademy. It was very cold here. Nigerian weather is hot, so this was a major difference.

Estonia is good. It's secure, unlike Nigeria, I can walk anytime I want. In Nigeria you can’t do this, even as a man, you have to be careful. People in Estonia mind their own business, they like the indoor life. Education here costs, but it’s interesting. You can speak your mind. There is hierarchy in Nigerian education. I spent five years in a school and never met the rector. Here, I can knock on the door and ask to speak with my rector.

A language barrier is the problem most Nigerians have here. We don’t understand the language. In Estonia many people speak English, but they don’t always understand us and the way we pronounce things. I don’t blame them, because English is not their mother tongue. It’s a borrowed language.

As a foreigner here, I feel, someone should tell us about the local laws. The police should organize a symposium to enlighten the students on what to do and what not to do in Estonia. In the end, whatever I go through in Estonia seems to me like life's normal hurdles. I find solace in the quote – 'uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.'"

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