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“Migration gives us an opportunity to reach new goals, develop ourselves as people, and it frees us from prejudices.”
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“When I graduated from university, I decided to take a break to dedicate myself to my art. Then, I decided to move to Estonia. To be honest, I had never heard about the country before I met my wife, an Estonian woman. I fell in love with her and decided to make the move; I work here as an artist, despite having a background in architecture.

The first thing I noticed about Estonia was that it’s a very safe, clean and quiet country. In the beginning, it was quite hard for me here as I felt the people were very closed. It took me a long time to make connections and be accepted by the local people. However, now that I have managed to fit in, everything is much better. 

I see migration as an opportunity to reach new goals and develop as a person, because when you live in another country, you learn about other societies and cultures and you free yourself from prejudices. You can also learn new languages and improve your economic situation. However, it can also be risky, as you can encounter problems with racists or get into trouble by not knowing the culture and thus insulting someone unintentionally. It can also be tricky to find a job and deal with the bureaucratic issues.

In Estonia, it’s very important to know the local language to properly integrate the society. It’s crucial to have an active social life to improve your language skills. However, I was in Brazil before I came here and it was very different: it felt like home on the first day because of how the people treated me. Knowing the local language isn’t an issue until people make it one.

In the future, I hope to continue developing my art here in Estonia, Europe, and all over the world. I wish people could understand that borders are just drawn on maps – in real life, there are no lines that divide countries."

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