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“I want to be able to help in my community, I am passionate about working with the youth and children.”
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I heard about Estonia when I was searching for study programs and I decided to apply. I think the Software Engineering program at Tartu University is getting very popular, as the standard and quality of the course is very high. So, I am not surprised to see that this program brings many people here. I came to Estonia on the 25th of September in 2015 and I am working at an IT firm in Tartu.

When I came out of the airport it was very, very cold. I was thinking it’s only September and I am feeling this cold, how will I do in -30? Also, I read that people don’t speak to you, so I had this in mind. After being here little over a year, my impressions are mixed. I realized it is about individual ways of socializing with others. Sometimes I don’t like to talk and I like to stay on my own but sometimes I like to talk. I respect people’s intentions to either relate or not to relate.

I was not too serious about learning Estonian before. Now I am developing a passion for the language and I really want to learn Estonian. I realized and have also read that the Estonian population is dropping. I feel there is a struggle for the Estonian language to survive. I feel it would be good for me to be one of those who could encourage the survival of the language. I want to be part of the environment and have the same mind as the country.

Also, I am a Christian, so I naturally want tell Estonians about my faith, about Jesus and what God is doing in my life. It is a bit difficult, because I can’t speak with them. I want to be able to help in community work. There was a time I went to school to speak with students, but they didn’t understand me. All of this has brought a change in my attitude towards learning a language.
In the future I see myself as the lead of an IT firm that contributes to NGO activities in educating children with zero background in software development. I am passionate about working with the youth and children. I want to train children with zero knowledge in IT, to be sought after as an IT specialist.

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