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Photo credits: IOM/Teddy Noel-Hill

1,150 kmfrom home
"I was a student before the fighting started. I was studying History and Geography. I really enjoyed it."
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South Sudan

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David is from Malakal in South Sudan, which has been the scene of horrendous fighting. He now works as a shelter supervisor for IOM inside Jewi camp. He mobilizes camp residents to work on their own shelters, arranges training for fellow refugees and oversees people receiving their payment for the work they do on the shelters.

"My dream one day is to get a scholarship somewhere to continue my studies. I know in the past refugees got scholarships so I’m hoping one day I can too. That would really be the best thing for me.

For now, I’m making the most of opportunities inside the camp and working with IOM has been really good. We are a team and I like helping the community here build their houses.

You can see for yourself that when we arrange the payments for people, it is well organized."


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