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"I want my children to get a good education."
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When we moved to Sudan ten years ago, things were going well for us. However, with the family growing, caring for the children became difficult. My daughter was reaching school age and we could not pay for her tuition anymore. That is why we decided to begin a new life in our home country.

My relatives were very enthusiastic about our plans, but they also felt sorry because they had no means to help us in our journey.

We heard about assisted voluntary return and reintegration programmes by word of mouth. In Sudan, we considered different options to make a living in Ethiopia. 

Once back, we opened a juice shop, but the economic situation worsened and we went bankrupt. It was a tough start, yet we did not give up. 

We had to sell all the shop equipment so that my husband could renew his driving license. Soon after, he found work, and our daughter could go back to school. 

For now, I am taking care of my children. I want them to get a good education. Once they are grown up, my dream is to open a hair salon.

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