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Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

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"After many challenges, my wife and I decided to return to Ethiopia and work. We are now in a good situation."
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“I left Ethiopia in 2012 to look for a job. I lived in Khartoum for 6 years, working as a cleaner in someone’s house. Life there was very challenging; sometimes we had work, sometimes we didn’t, and we suffered a lot.

After many challenges, my wife and I decided to return to our country and work. A friend had told us about the IOM and said that that they could help us return to Ethiopia. We registered in the IOM office and after nine months, we got the confirmation to come home in March 2018.

Thanks to the IOM, we are now in a good situation. They transported us from Khartoum to Ethiopia and did a lot of things for us, so next to God they helped us very much, especially with economic reintegration.

When we arrived in Addis Ababa, we went to the Transit Centre. At the Transit Centre, we filled in some assessment forms; they asked us what type of business we want to engage in when we go home. We chose an injera bakery. They also asked us what inputs we needed for the injera bakery and for distribution. They provided us with some of the resources that we needed such as maize, rice, water tanks, water barrels, jerrycans, an electric stove and the local stove for use when there is no power.

We started the business and we are doing well, the only problem is power. So, we want to move to a house with electricity and we need to identify people to work for us to help us make more injera. At the moment, we have two customers, and we sell about 200 pieces of injera everyday. When we started, we made a loss but now we make a daily profit of about 300 ETB (approx. 10USD)."

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