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Photo credit: IOM/Uduak Amimo

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"I left Ethiopia to look for a job. I'm the last-born in a family of six, and I needed to do something."
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“I left Ethiopia to look for a job, I needed to help my family. I am the last-born in a family of six and my brothers and sisters are helping the family so I also needed to do something.

I travelled to Malawi through Kenya and Tanzania, but I spent eight months in a prison in Malawi because I had entered the country illegally. I came back to Ethiopia in December 2017, with the help of the IOM. IOM staff came to the prison to help us, they facilitated our transport and everything — we came back in an airplane. Then IOM and the EU gave us clothes and training at the Transit Centre, and transportation to our hometowns.

I chose to start a cattle farming business because I have experience in that. I have five bulls now that IOM and the EU bought for me. They also bought me a two-week supply of compound feed for my animals, now I feed them on grass. And I’m going to sell them in September for the Meskel celebration (an Ethiopian national festival).

I will sell one bull for 12000 birr (approx. USD 450) then buy more cattle and keep growing the business. After that, I will expand my business to engage in grain trading."

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