Jenny A.

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"Raising our children between two cultures would help them build new social skills."
Jenny A.
Industrial Engineer
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"I arrived to Helsinki 26 years ago through a cultural exchange program. It wasn’t the first time I moved between cities, but it was the first time I switched countries. The cultural shock I experienced was very strong, but I adapted gradually.

When I came to Finland, I started working at a children’s camp. There I met people from different nationalities, all ranging from Europe to Latin-America. It was easier to get along with the Latin community, because unlike Europeans, we are more cheerful.

I met some difficulties when seeking employment in the engineering field, mainly because I didn’t have a good grasp of the Finnish language. Nevertheless, I dedicated my ability to speak English and my strong drive to be productive to the internships I had for different offices.

In 1990, I moved to Kokkola, a city on the western side of the country. I constantly received many compliments on my black hair and dark eyes. I quickly noticed that the people here had blonde hair and blue eyes. So, in a way, I stood out wherever I went!

Cultural diversity in Finland has grown considerably over recent years. Nowadays, I have more friends to talk with in Spanish. My children now also have the opportunity to keep in touch with their Latin roots.

Honduran customs contrast sharply with those of Finland´s. When raising my three children I focused a lot in inculcating the "Latin" perspective on family union. Where I come from, people have strong attachments to their family and parents have a predominant role on the lives of their kids. On the other hand, in Finland the parenting style is not the same.

Despite the differences, my husband and I agreed that raising our children between two cultures would help them build new social skills."


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