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" In the prison, I decided I had to go home because I had gone through an unspeakable experience "
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Before leaving in early 2017, I was an Arabic scholar. Life had been difficult for my family, so I thought I should travel to Italy to turn things around for us.

I travelled to Libya via Senegal, Mali and then Niger, but there were many challenges along the journey, such as lack of food and water for weeks on a vehicle packed with dozens of migrants from other countries. I paid a ‘middleman’ to get on a boat to Italy twice, but he took away my money without ‘pushing’ me. In my last attempt, he ‘pushed’ me but we were caught by the Libyan navy police and taken into detention for two months.

In the prison, I decided I had to go home because I had gone through an unspeakable experience. It was the best choice for me. With IOM’s assistance, I returned to The Gambia in December 2017.

After initiating my reintegration assistance, I chose to do poultry farming because it is a profitable and great economic venture that would get me self-employed and independent. I underwent a three-month intensive poultry training program at EMPAS Poultry Processing Centre.

“My goal is to bridge the gap on the importation of chicken and encourage more people to embrace locally grown chickens for a healthier life. This is a good boost for the country’s economy too.”

The training widened my knowledge on poultry farming techniques and sustainability. After the training, I was supported with a full poultry house, including 500 chicks with feeders, drinkers, detergents, medicine and other poultry materials.

The poultry business will benefit me in many ways, as it has the potential to produce enough of the chicken consumed in my area. The chicks I have are broilers and, in the future, I would like to have layers as well to be able to sell not only chicken, but also eggs.

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