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"In Macedonia, there are no problems between the different ethnic groups."
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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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"I was born in Khartoum, Sudan. My father is Sudanese and received a scholarship from the UNESCO at the age of 19 in order to study in Skopje, Yugoslavia. During his studies, he met my mother, a Macedonian. After their studies, they married and decided to go back to Sudan where they lived for seven years. However, when my grandmother got sick, my parents moved back to Skopje in order to take care of her."

"At the time, I was seven years old and only spoke Arabic, but not Macedonian. At first, it was very hard for me to find my way in a foreign country without speaking the language. Of course, everybody at school only spoke Macedonian. My classmates first thought I was a Roma. My mother began to speak Macedonian with me and my two siblings. After about half a year, I had also mastered the new language and was very well received at school."

"Now, I'm married and I have a 7 and 2-year-old son. I feel at home here in Skopje. Since I left Sudan with my parents, I have never been back. I would love to visit my home country, but now with the children, it's complicated and expensive. My sister also didn't go back to Sudan and is now living in Geneva with her Sudanese husband."

"At first, I didn't speak Arabic with my older son, I only started when my second son was born. Now, they both speak Macedonian and Arabic very well.

"Here in Macedonia, there are no problems between the different people, between the different ethnic groups."

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