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"I want to continue to be that bridge where migrants contribute to the development of their host & home countries."
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 “I left home in 2014, to continue my high education studies. When I moved to the new country it was a different feeling, it was an incredibly beautiful town and very lovely.

I felt integrated easily, I believe that’s thanks to my previous travels abroad for work in different countries covering stories of women; including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. There were moments when I felt like a stranger, but I think it is normal, at the end of the day I come from another environmental background and that’s the beautiful thing about being migrant; you see the world from other people’s eyes perspectives.

It was easy task to manage the new mix of cultures, since I come from a country full of diversity, I always loved that, cultures are beautiful, and for me I got to eat delicious food thanks to that.

What I miss most from back home is my social life and family. Yet, technology made our life easier, basically I feel like I’m home thanks to that. I’d say my home is everywhere; I’m a citizen of the world.

Every day, I bring a new perspective and try to set an example that a migrant is a source of positive energy and an added value of sustainable development. I have founded Womenpreneur, an initiative that bridges between women in MENA and European regions, we empower women to be active agents of changes, and through that platform those women to share their beautiful experiences.

My mission in life is identifying, promoting and providing support for women and youth to be agents of change. I want to continue to be that bridge where migrants contribute to the development of their host and home countries.”

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