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"I would be happy if my journey in boxing could encourage young athletes to follow their own paths to success."
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"I started boxing at the age of 14 but without really planning it. My mom was eager to engage me in physical activities outside of school because she believes in the educational value of sports. I went to inquire at the boxing hall in my city thinking they had classes for different sports, but they only offered boxing classes. I was tempted into taking a trial class and I really liked it; the ambiance, the game, the strategy, so I continued.

When I started boxing women were still not allowed to compete in France.  We could practice but we weren’t able to participate in competitions. Since then, female boxing has really developed. The French Boxing Federation has created a women’s team and has put systems in place that allow us to reach the highest levels in this sport.

I hope to be an example of courage and determination for aspiring athletes. Reaching an elite level in sports requires a lot of personal investment and courage and a strong support network. You need to have role models; sports stars that you can identify with and who can help you find your calling. I would be very happy if my journey in boxing could help encourage young athletes to follow their own paths to success.

I would be thrilled to support athletic programmes for migrants and children of migrants. It’s always a pleasure for me to share my passion for boxing and to teach the values we find in sports."

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