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“Everyone refers to people like me as ‘expats’. In reality, I am a migrant. I came to seek better professional opportunities."
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“Georgia is one of those countries known only by a few people, however once they get to know the country, they always want to come back to it.  I work as a manager in an international non-governmental organization, and I came to the Caucasus for quite selfish reasons. After a long mission in Afghanistan, I wanted a ‘posting’ in a place where I could have a more normal life, rent an apartment, and walk to the office.”

“I got a job in Georgia, managing a project across Georgia and two neighboring countries. When I arrived in this totally different context, I did not feel I could really make a difference. The Georgian colleagues I worked with are bright, with master degrees and have traveled the world, just like me.”

“Yet after some months I realized that I could contribute, I brought an outsider perspective, simply by not being Georgian and having spent longer periods of time in different contexts. After a year and a half, I carried on with postings in other countries. Yet Georgia is always on my mind! I came back with a new job full of new responsibilities.”

“To Georgia I offer experiences from different countries, but Georgia offers me a lot too: opportunities for professional development, and also the possibility of a comfortable and thrilling life. I feel privileged as I am always treated as a guest. People always react positively to the fact that I am a foreigner, and seem to value the presence of foreigners. I’m not sure it would be the case in the village I originally come from! 

“Everyone in my field of work refers to people like me as ‘expats’. In reality, I am a migrant. I came to seek better professional opportunities, cultural discoveries. And after the many years I spend in Georgia, I hope to leave something positive behind.”

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