Yusra Mardini, 3,700 km
From Fleeing Syria To Competing In The Olympics
Sameh, Marah and Majd , 2,922 km
"I want to continue my life here."
Samir, 3,711 km
"Everything has an end, bad times and good times, no matter who you are. Enjoy being alone. Don't be afraid of your own company."

Photo credit: Steffi von der Heid

Mala, 16,084 km
"I believe compassion is the perfect antidote to our fears."
Abeer, 2,922 km
"I hope that this degree will help me find a good job in Germany to start working as soon as possible".
Imogen, 1,600 km
"Home is dynamic; it is where your family is, where you have good memories and where you make your nest."
Stéphanie, 646 km
"Being a migrant was a choice for me, and I wish it could be the same for others too, but in most cases it is a matter of survival."

photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Elke and Rama, 3,714 km
“Integration is a two-way street. It’s not so much about cultures though, more about people, about being kind and not to judge them.”
Valentine, 651 km
“It was important to me to live away from home for a while."

Photo Credit: Martin Gyce

Puja, 5,140 km
"The urge to categorise people is problematic, at least since it can lead to rejection. I think one should let people be the way they are."
Amani, 2,922 km
"Migration is a new experience, it opens your mind and you are able to look to all sides, and I can choose what is suitable for me."
Huong, 8,567 km
"I always had to fight a little bit harder, therefore I have the spirit to work hard for things that are dear to me."

Photo Credit: Carsten Busch

Peter, 411 km
"To me migrating was the start into a wonderful life full of freedom and opportunities."

Photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Natalya, 1,202 km
"I am absolutely certain that exchange can help to fight prejudices."
Tayyib, 2,357 km
"My bi-cultural background helped me understand other cultures. I grew up knowing that there is not only one way of doing things."

Photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Dario, 743 km
"Migration is important, whole societies rely on it – even though these countries sometimes don’t want to acknowledge it."

Photo credit: Christine Strotmann

Chih-Wei, 8,968 km
"I hope the political climate is not turning further right-wing and anti-immigrants."

Photo credit: IOM/Amanda Nero

Noam, 3,006 km
"I hope to create identification with people through my music. It’s not about ‘them’ and ‘us'; we’re all human beings."

Photo credit: WFP

Marwa, 2,583 km
"I wish for my people a future of freedom and peace."

Picture: Christine Strotmann

Fatuma, 6,341 km
"They don’t know who we are – so show them who you are! Do something for this society, be productive."