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Photo: Julian Gross

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"I'm enjoying the different seasons in Germany - I saw snow here for the first time."
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"My stepfather is from Düsseldorf and met my mother in Tonga where they both ran a holiday resort on one of the islands. After they sold it, we moved back to the main island of Tonga. Ever since my father wanted my sister and me to learn German, so we moved to Germany a few years later, when I was about 6 or 7 years old."

"First, we lived in Düsseldorf before finding an apartment in Berlin at the end of the summer. There I went to the International School and my parents ran a boarding house."

"When I moved here, I didn't speak German. That's why I didn't like my first year very much. However, when I began to speak more and more German I found a few friends at school, and started to like it better."

"During a holiday in Bavaria, I saw snow for the first time. In Tonga, there is only summer. Here I enjoy the different seasons. When I'm too cold, I wait for the summer and when I'm too warm, I look forward to the winter."

"My mother sees things differently. She doesn't like winter at all. That's why my parents will soon leave Berlin and go to Malta. But I'm going to stay, I love Berlin and it's my home."

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