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Photo: Carla Hustedt

15,972 kmfrom home
"Here in Berlin, I have all the things which make a home."
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"My name is Alice, I'm from Australia and I'm 23 years old. I arrived in Berlin about three years ago and am currently doing my Master's degree in Public Policy in Berlin."

"I had already traveled through Germany a number of times before. When I arrived here, I quickly noticed how different Berlin is from the rest of the country. I think Berlin doesn't correspond to any of the stereotypes, which exist of Germany. It's incredibly cosmopolitan , free, and with lots of young people. For these reasons, I currently see myself here and nowhere else in the world."

"When I think of home, I think of Australia first. But when I think about it in a more rational way, I quickly realize that here in Berlin, I have all the things which make a home. A community, a job, and the feeling of having roots. Basically, home is where I feel good. Where I get the feeling that I’m right where I belong. It doesn't have to be restricted to a geographic place. I think everybody can find a home anywhere that isn't restricted to the place you were born."

"I can still recall my very first day in Berlin. I had to take a test to determine my language level at the Humboldt University. And the first two people I talked to were also Australians. I was so disappointed! But now, they're my best friends."

"It was a very special feeling at that time. Being in an unfamiliar city, being on your own, these first moments when everything is new."

"In Australia, people tend to live in the place they grew up in. So they tend to become a little reserved. This is a major difference to Germany. On the other hand, Australians are simply incredibly friendly, you feel very welcome when you meet them."

"What I miss about Australia? Vegemite. It's a salty bread spread that is not available here. It's the best hangover food you can imagine. I sometimes think I underestimate how much, in everyday life, I am on the lookout for these small things which remind me of my home in Australia. I know I have an indestructible link to another place, regardless of how or how long I might live here in Berlin."

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