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"People say you can learn everything in Berlin, except German."
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"My name is Ayra Reyla, I'm 23-years-old and I came to Germany about a year ago in order to study. Originally, I'm from Guelph, Canada, a small town near Toronto."

"I remember that I was a bit out of my depth with the metro system when I first arrived here. My father was with me and we then decided to take a cab from the airport to get to the hotel."

"In Guelph, my hometown, there is a totally different vibe compared to here in Berlin. You can strike up a conversation with people more easily. Here in Berlin, people seem to be more introverted. However, I think this is probably not a cultural difference, but is more due to the size of the city."

"In fact, I see few cultural differences between Germany and Canada. But I immediately felt very welcome in Berlin. Even before, when I visited Berlin as a tourist, I always enjoyed it. It's somehow different from the rest of Germany. People say you can learn everything in Berlin, except German."

"What I miss most from back home is the routine. Just knowing where everything is. And driving a car, of course! In North America, I learned to drive an automatic. I'm not very good at driving stick, which is why I don't drive here in Berlin."

"I was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada at the age of three. I can say that the Philippines are my home and that Canada is my home. But in the end, home is not a certain place for me, it's the people I'm surrounded with. Here in Berlin, I have made so many friends and met so many great people that by now, I can also say that Berlin is my home."

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