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Photo: Carla Hustedt

9,727 kmfrom home
"A country where everybody can live together peacefully in one place."
Student, Research Assistent
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"My name is Daniel and I am from Mexico. I am currently doing a Master's degree in Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance and am also working at the Berlin Social Science Center as a research assistant."

"My whole life, I went to a German school in Mexico. So I have always been in contact with the German culture. I can still recall exactly how pleasantly surprised I was when I arrived in Würzburg. It was such a multicultural city. So, my first impression of Germany was 'Wow' this is a country where people from all over the world arrive and can live together peacefully in one place."

"My girlfriend is German, we moved to Germany together one and a half years ago. It's not hard for me to travel back and forth between the two countries. I always saw my life as taking place in two countries."

"When I'm here, in Germany, I feel more like a Mexican. However, in Mexico, I feel a lot more German. My friends in Mexico sometimes tell me I'm too disciplined. It's true, I try to work in a structured way and plan ahead. At the same time, I encourage my friends here in Germany to just have fun once in a while and not to take everything too seriously all of the time."

"I also hope that that my children grow up in a world with two or more cultures. It's a very expanding experience."

"What I miss most from Mexico is the food. That's why I try to cook a lot of meals that remind me of home. I just use the things I can buy here and add lime and chili. One of my favorite meals is potato salad with lime juice and parsley. Home, that's Germany and Mexico. Home, that's my home-grown limes."

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