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"I had to take action very quickly, I could not just let myself go and complain."
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"I entered Germany illegally at the age of 18. I fled because of the war. I already had the medical examination and it was only a question of when I would be drafted by the military. I came here in order to escape all that."

"Overall, I didn't feel warmly received by society, but people my age did welcome me quickly."

"At the beginning, I was totally confused and lost in Germany, because I was here without my circle of friends and without knowing the language. I had to take action very quickly, I could not just let myself go and complain. I learned the language quickly, took pains with my studies and soon shot my first short film."

"I was flexible and spontaneous, had a lot of endurance and optimism. And I was convinced that I would be able to contribute something here as an artist."

"For me, what is lacking here is the flexibility and relaxed attitude of the people. I did notice that everything is very well organized, that people take great pains with everything and are very capable. But they are also very afraid. I came from a war-torn country with a lot of problems and crises, but I felt like people took much more pleasure in life there."

"I am completely lost between two worlds. The more time passes, the more I feel like I am not at home here nor in Serbia where I come from. It was a liberating feeling for me. I can just as easily imagine moving to another country with my family. Somehow I lost my home country, but I do not see that as a loss, more as a relief. When I am somewhere and I feel good with the people I deal with, I feel at home. And that could be anywhere."


This is a story by Peter Käser,

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