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Picture: Christine Strotmann

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"They don’t know who we are – so show them who you are! Do something for this society, be productive."
Social Worker
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“I grew up in Kenya because my father was killed in Somalia and my mum had to look for a better situation. I love my family and I miss them so much, especially my mum. She is between the border of Somalia and Kenya, which is a risky place and hopefully I will see her soon.”

“I am a social worker and I worked with different international humanitarian organisations, mostly in the field of child protection. I think that I can be an asset to Germany and I think they need me – just the same way I need them.”

“I liked it here, but I did not like the situation that I was in – I’ve been in a refugee camp for long, without being able to work, to go to school or to continue university education. This was one of the worst experiences in my life but hopefully things will change.”

“In Africa, people come together, talk, discuss - here it is different, people lock their door. I think, the Germans are a bit reserved but if you talk to them they will talk to you. I moved into this new culture, so I have to be open minded which I’m trying to do. And I have to educate myself with the help of my friends and the German society.”

“The inequality, the injustice in this world, how we lived and how life was so hard – everybody looks for a better life and that’s why we came here.”

“I believe in a world of give and take. I don’t believe in only take, take, take. We should be part of the process of change, we should be allowed to work. But we, the newcomers, should also play our part. They don’t know who we are – so show them who you are! Do something for this society, be productive. But on the other hand: How can you become a part of a society that tells you to stay away? I will tell the newly arrived: It’s all about trying, there are a lot of nice people. If one does not listen to you, somebody else will.”

This story is by Christine Strotmann.

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