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Photo: Christine Strotmann

3,757 kmfrom home
“I am a migrant to live a safe life.“
Information Technologist
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“I was arrested twice during protests in Iran, which is why I left my country and fled to Bulgaria. I was there for two years as a refugee. But they did not consider me as a refugee and rejected my application for asylum trying to deport me back to my home country. After that I made my way to Germany, because I knew it is a safe country.”

“People that are coming like this, take their lives in their own hands and just go.”

“I had a very bad journey from Bulgaria to Germany. When I left Bulgaria and arrived in Serbia, some smugglers, like Mafia groups caught me. They stole my money, my phone, everything that I had left. But I continued my way going to Hungary, then Austria and finally Germany.”

“When I entered Germany, everything was fine. The police behaviour was good, the people very nice. I think Germany is a good country with decent people.”

“Here in Germany I am starting a new life. I’m trying to build a life in a safe country and try to communicate with people. I want to know more about the culture and living in this country.”

“My next step is to learn the German language. I’m reading and listening to music a lot, because I need it. I need the language for my life, for my work. And after that I’ll try to have my own work, to continue my occupation.”

“My family, I miss them most. We had two new-born nephews and I couldn’t see them, but sometimes I see them on the internet.”

“I love my country, but there is a problem with politics, with religions. So for me there is no possibility any more, to live in our country, in my home country.”

Ibrahim hopes that Germany will be his new home.


This is a story by Christine Strotmann

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