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"When there is a dialog, it's a step in the right direction."
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"It makes absolutely no sense to talk about foreigners and their status, because I am a foreigner in every country but Germany. I am not entitled to judge or to change a culture or culturally influenced behavior."

"I was always welcomed in Kuwait, Brazil, India and all the other countries when I approached people in a friendly way."

"In order to feel at home and integrated in foreign countries, I did sports with the people there. That was a unifying element besides work. When that was possible, I felt at home very quickly."

"Of course, some people said: 'You Germans are really great, you're so efficient, you make the best products – but you don't enjoy life'. There is some truth in that. Our high performance is time-consuming and it looks, as we do not enjoy life. But we Germans also do enjoy this perfection a little bit. Even though it's not always a laughing matter."

"I thought about that comment and talked about it with the guy. That's when the dialog started. And when there is a dialog, it's a step in the right direction. The worst case is when there is no more dialog."

"Regarding the newly arriving migrants, the most important thing is that they are not only here, but that they are integrated. I think it's very enriching that these people are here. Many are also highly trained, have already accomplished something in their countries of origin and are ready to achieve something here."

"You have to use every opportunity to give them a job so that they can provide for themselves with dignity. That's the most important task in my opinion. I don't understand why politicians don't work harder to incorporate the migrants into the work process as quickly and pragmatically as possible. In that case, a lot would heal on its own. When they sit in camps and don't know what will become of them, they get nervous. That's completely normal."


This is a story by Peter Käser, www.peterkaeser.ch

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