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"Getting used to a culture takes a while and is a process of give and take."
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I am from a town near Brisbane in Australia. I came to Berlin for holidays in 2012 for 2 days. I fell in love with the city and ended up staying for two and half weeks. As soon as I left, I wanted to come back straight away. It is such a mixture of cultures - the attitudes are very open, it is a great city and it has pretty much everything you could want. There is music and art and it has something to offer to everybody. I returned to Berlin to study and now I am doing my PhD in wind energy.

Being detached from the family is not great, but it is a necessary consequence. Parents never like to see their children wander far from the nest, but at the same time they want our happiness and the best for us.

The thing I miss are warm personalities. As you get further north in Europe, the personalities are not as warm as they are at home. I think it must have something to do with the weather. In Germany you need to invest little time with people before they open up to you.

Getting used to a culture takes a while and is a process of give and take. You have to try to engage actively by learning the language, going out and speaking with people.

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