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Foto: Peter Käser

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"I'm glad I live in Germany, but as soon as there is peace in Ukraine, I will go back. I miss my family."
Kindergarten teacher
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"I received a degree in psychology in Ukraine and worked as a Montessori kindergarten teacher. I was enjoying my life in Ukraine and never wanted to live abroad. But then the war started in the region of Donetsk and I had to flee."

"I honestly never wanted to live abroad. That's why it was very hard for me. Sometimes, I'm homesick because my parents are still there. They didn't want to flee, to leave their home where they have everything. I talk to my parents over the phone, that helps a little bit with my homesickness."

"I came to Munich one and a half year ago. Here, I learned that there was a shortage of kindergarten teachers. By now, I am already a member of the Psychological Society. And I made preparations for the establishment of my own kindergarten, which opens in four months. I think people here are pleased with my knowledge and experience. The German society can benefit from it."

"It was very interesting to get to know this new culture. Germans are very well organized and always on time. They are a bit reserved, not very emotional, but they are sympathetic, helpful and friendly.Munich is a very multinational and friendly city. The residents of Munich manage to cohabitate very well with foreigners. I'm glad I live in Munich."

"But as soon as there is peace in Ukraine and a new government is formed, I will go back there."


This is a story by Peter Käser,

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