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"German men give their partners more freedom. I really appreciate that."
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Russian Federation

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"Life in Chelyabinsk, a city with over a million inhabitants in Russia, was nice but boring. I studied German language and literature and received a bachelor's degree. I came here two years ago to do a master in German language and literature."

"In addition to my studies, I work in the office of a German company for up to 80 hours a month in order to finance my stay here. I also work as a babysitter in the evenings and on the weekends."

"In Russia, there is a lot more supervision in the workplace. In fact, people only work because they know they are supervised. If there were no supervision, nobody would work. In Germany, there is no need for that much supervision, the employees themselves take on more personal responsibility."

"Another difference between the two countries is that women here pay almost no attention to clothing. It's completely different in Russia, there, you are scrutinized and your clothing and your make-up is judged. That was uncomfortable for me. Here, it's much more relaxed."

"Many people here are pretty withdrawn and uncommunicative, they work, they live alone and there is nothing else. In my country, people are more open."

"When I visit Russia, people want to know how the political situation is portrayed and perceived in Germany. I think there are great differences in this respect."

"My girlfriends in Russia don't envy me being here. They are patriots and are happy to stay where they are."

"The relationship between man and woman is also different here. German men give their partners more freedom. I really appreciate that. When Russian men have a girlfriend, they are more jealous, they forbid them a lot of things and restrict them more."

"The jokes in Germany are much more superficial. In Russia, the jokes or stories are much more intellectual, you have to think about them."


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