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"Where is home is a question I can’t answer anymore."
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"I came to Berlin to do my master’s thesis. It was a sparkle of fate that brought me here. I didn’t know much about the city apart from Currywurst (pork sausage) and obviously the history of the wall.

I was in a conference in Copenhagen where I met this professor from the University of Berlin. We talked about wind energy a lot and after that he offered me to do my PhD in his department. We work on a special field where we research how to optimize wind energy. As wind bioenergy engineers we are chasing cost efficiency.

Culturally, it is easier to be here than back in Australia. Although I still find few things a bit strange, like the need to purchase insurance for every little thing, I feel more comfortable in Germany and I like living here.

Where is home is a question I can’t answer anymore. I have a strong attachment to my home town in Australia, but over the time that I have been abroad, the links get stronger and stronger here. My life seems more relevant in Germany now.

What I like about Berlin is the social freedom; if you like wearing your pyjamas in the U-Bahn (underground) no one will care. I also appreciate how quick it is to get out and do some outdoor sports, which is surprising at first for a city like Berlin.

The thing I miss most is my family. It is hard to watch my nephews and nieces grow up through Skype and not in real life. I’d like to be the irresponsible uncle taking them out to do adventurous things."

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