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"Germans communicate in a much more direct way."
Trainee at the German Federal Ministry of Finance
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"My name is Miguel Angel Espinosa Calvo, I am 29 years old and from Mexico City. I am currently working for the German Federal Ministry of Finance as a trainee."

"While working here in Germany, I primarily noticed that Germans communicate in a much more direct way. When people talk to each other in a professional setting, it's always about exchanging information. No more and no less and as short and precise as possible. As soon as you start with a little small talk, they keep it very short or even say 'Get to the point'."

"I think that's one of the biggest differences, not only compared to Mexico, but to Latin America as a whole. At the beginning, I had difficulties coping with this, but as soon as I understood the German mentality better, I mostly wanted to learn from it. It's one of the reasons Germany is still synonymous with excellence, in spite of its history. Nevertheless, the Germans could as well learn from Latin America and be more relaxed and open in the face of improvisation."

"I have always been a big fan of Germany - of the culture, the people and the language. Slowly, I get this sense of being in a place where I am close to my friends, where I am able to start a family and at the same time, I have enough space to pursue my own development."

"Home, that's family. My family primarily consists of my mother and my sister. But I'm certain that everybody has two kinds of families. The one you are born into and the one you choose. Sometimes, you're not so lucky and they are not in the same place. That's why Berlin has also become a sort of home to me."

"When I think of Mexico, I think of this image showing the volcano Popocatépetl near Mexico City. It's still active. A volcano can be hot, it's powerful and can be violent, but it can also be quiet and radiate the tranquility of the Alps. Depending on the situation, this duality can beautify a landscape or subvert it into total chaos."

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