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"Everything has an end, bad times and good times, no matter who you are. Enjoy being alone. Don't be afraid of your own company."
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Syrian Arab Republic

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"I’m originally from Syria. I left in 2015 at 19 years old, because I was a mechanical engineering student and my university was bombed several times. I wanted to know what freedom tasted like. First I went to Lebanon, and from there I took the Balkan path to Germany – the whole journey took six days. When I first got to Berlin I was struck by how massive the city is. It’s a mix of modernism and dark history, like a party in a graveyard!

But there is still a lot I miss about Syria: my family, the climate, the architecture, my university library, the fresh juice sellers, and my favourite bookstore in the old city.

Right now my main goal is to carry out some scientific research, as a way of contributing to the country I’m living in now.

I also bring a liberal way of thinking, adding balance to the existing group of Syrians in the German society. After getting my post-graduate degree, I want to work on renewable energy sources in Syria, using German theoretical and practical experiences in the field. Nevertheless, going to the right university is my biggest challenge, and a step that I’ve been working on since 2016. I know am so close now.

My message to everyone in Syria is that everything has an end, bad times and good times, no matter who you are. Enjoy being alone. Don't be afraid of your own company.

My definition of home is a place where you coexist with space for a long period of time, where you can see memories in every corner, and where you get that good feeling that comes with belonging."


Samir met filmmaker Mala Ghedia in Berlin. He plays the role of "Saaed" in NO MONSTERS IN BERLIN, an award-winning short film made in collaboration with Syrian refugees living in Berlin.

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