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Foto: Peter Käser

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"There has to be a mutual give and take."
Consultant and interim manager
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"My uncle was a very cosmopolitan person who traveled a lot throughout the world. Through my interactions with him, I got a sense of what it is like to be in other countries. This awakened my interest in the world. Since childhood, I have always been very inquisitive, flexible and open. I always took pleasure in getting to know other people and other countries."

"I've lived in 21 countries and I worked as a corporate consultant."

"I have one main principle: I always try to meet people on equal terms. I also have no difficulties dealing with high-ranking people like a sheik, an emir, a chairperson of the board or a multimillionaire. They are first and foremost people and I try to meet them as such and to seek a dialog with them."

"After my foreign assignments, I enjoy coming back here, I look forward to seeing my family and Bavaria. I also appreciate the change of the seasons."

"We have to be open to the people coming here from foreign countries. But it's not a one-sided thing. Both sides have to do their part. This implies that they learn the language, that they want to become integrated into this culture group and that they adopt certain rules of conduct."

"We should support these people if they fulfill our requirements. But it would be unacceptable if these people came here and just made demands. There has to be a mutual give and take. Just taking and not giving anything in return does not be allowed to work."


This is a story by Peter Käser,

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