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I am a better person today and I feel much healthier and happier.
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Dotse, a returnee and beneficiary of pyschosocial support who returned to Ghana in 2020 after five years of staying in Libya, recounts his story of how his family and psychosocial support helped him. Dotse is lucky that he can count on his family’s support which is not always the case for a returnee.

“My Name is Dotse. I’m from the Volta Region. I traveled from Kumasi to Libya. I boarded a car from the Asafo market to begin my journey. I went to the border of Burkina Faso, and then on to the Mali border.

In Libya, I went through a series of challenges: being cheated by my employer, low payment, and a bullet which blasted and destroyed my hand. A good Samaritan took me to the hospital and the next thing I remember was me at the airport.

It took me a lot of effort to heal when I came back. I was disoriented when I arrived and do not remember anything that happened. But my wife tells me that IOM was very helpful in bringing me back, and even after I landed, they have supported me till today with covering my medical bills and assistance to start an agro chemical shop.

Thanks to the psychosocial support, I am a better person today and I feel much healthier and happier.”


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