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You don’t need to travel outside to look for greener pastures.
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I’m Faustina Sam.

I decided to leave Ghana for Libya to look for greener pastures. But when I got there, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Work wasn’t easy there. Walking from home to the shop or workplace, you might be arrested.

I decided I can’t stay there anymore.I wanted to come back to my country, Ghana.

I heard about IOM, so I decided to do some enquiries, and then I came back.

When COVID-19 started, sometimes, when you went out to the market, you met people on the bus, who didn’t wear nose masks. My mother asked me: ‘Why don’t you make some? When we go there, you can sell them.’I thought about it, but I said, no, I’d rather give it out to people [for free].

Later, I also got a call from IOM, asking if I can help with the nose mask production. And I said yes. I believe, if I wear it, and you don’t wear it, the sickness is still around. I would like to help other people, especially children, who don’t have anybody to take care of them.

When you set your mind on something that you want to do – you can do it! You don’t need to travel outside to look for greener pastures. We have everything here.

Faustina received reintegration assistance through the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration, funded by the European Union's Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

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