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"Together with my wife, we will start again our lives in Iraq. I hope I will be able to visit Greece again but next time, as a tourist!"
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“I am from Iraq and I came to Greece seven months ago and here I am now on my way back to Baghdad.

I am a professional hairdresser and I left my home country, seeking a better life in Europe for me and my wife. And although she made it to Germany, I got stranded in Greece. At first, I worked as a hairdresser but as time progressed, I found myself with limited options and opportunities. That is why I started looking for a way to go back to Iraq.

That was the moment when I found out about the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme, materialized by IOM Greece, through fellow migrants and I quickly decided it was the right way to go. I want to go back and see my parents who are in Bagdad. Also, I will bring my wife back from Germany, although she was granted a German passport.

I am very happy, because I was informed that I am eligible for a reintegration programme which will give me the opportunity to have further aid and support when I get back home. Finally, I will have my own hair salon! Together with my wife, we will start again our lives in Iraq and later on we will have a family – we are still young. I wish I will be able to visit Greece again, as everyone was really kind to me. Only that next time, I will be coming as a tourist”! 

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