Nazir and his daughters Zahra and Zainab , 3,865 km
"It’s very nice in Greece, but we plan to leave with family reunification".
Khurram , 4,533 km
"Participating in IOM’s AVRR project was my only solution".
Ahmed, 1,808 km
"Not only I am ready to return to my home country, but I can also start working again".
Younes, 1,938 km
“Greek is easy to learn! I have Greek friends and classmates at school."
Azad and his family , 1,808 km
"We decided to return to our home, but this time in a safe and organized way."
Ismael and his family, 1,412 km
"I am very happy that I will have a new life in France".
Nozary , 1,412 km
"The thought of being back again with my family and friends makes me really happy!".
Mohamad , 1,617 km
“We visited the local bakery and helped the baker make traditional pita bread!”.
Rehmat , 4,602 km
"I strongly believe that I am now ready to go back home and restart my new life".
Farhad, 2,820 km
"I have been dreaming to cross the finish line of the Athens Authentic Marathon".
Karim , 1,730 km
"My life is in Europe now.”
Abdullah, 1,206 km
"And now I’m finally relocating to Spain, I feel really excited".
Massoud, 4,059 km
“Leaving our motherland was a not an easy decision to make".
Noor, 1,412 km
"I see myself adapting easily to the Netherlands".
Abdalsalam’s family, 1,412 km
"We have friends and family in the Netherlands, so we are happy that we will relocate there".
Sofia, 1,857 km
"The fact that I’m a migrant played a part in the way I bonded with the children."
Alfred and his wife, Immaculata, 4,575 km
"We will be given some assistance by IOM to start again in Kenya".
Yamman’s family, 1,237 km
“I’m so happy to relocate to Sweden, I really wanted to go there".
Mohammed and his family, 1,206 km
"We found out that we will relocate to Germany, a fact that made us really happy".
Mustafa and Abdulbasid, 4,049 km
“We are really excited to attend school!”.