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“We visited the local bakery and helped the baker make traditional pita bread!”.
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Syrian Arab Republic

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Mohamad and other migrants and refugees from Andravida’s open accommodation center visited the local bakery of Myrsisni, a nearby village, and helped the baker make traditional pita bread. Instead of ordering the bread from Athens, the local bakery has offered them the opportunity to make it themselves and then send it to the accommodation center twice per week. IOM staff supported the activity and facilitated the communication and collaboration between the migrants and the bakery.

With the support of the European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations Office, IOM is providing support to the Government of Greece in camp coordination and management. IOM teams assist the Camp Managers with the sites’ daily management and organization of activities and services. IOM Facility Coordinators and interpreters assist with day-to-day operation, follow up with maintenance needs/activities, organize and facilitate provision of other actors' services and coordinate with national authorities.

Community Support workers ensure protection of vulnerable cases and empowerment of site residents to access local services and develop self-resilience. They build links with public structures/services, facilitate access and referrals to competent public services and promote community's participation and involvement to daily site activities (site coordination, self-governance, cleaning/maintenance, empowerment groups, awareness-raising on facilities' usage).

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Syrian Arab Republic

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