Mohammed and his family

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1,206 kmfrom home
"We found out that we will relocate to Germany, a fact that made us really happy".
Mohammed and his family
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Country of Origin: 
Syrian Arab Republic

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"My name is Mohammed and I’m 29 years old. I fled Aleppo together with my family and my wife’s siblings. Our aim was to get to Europe, to safety. It was a long and difficult journey, at times we thought we’d die, especially when crossing the sea between Turkey and Greece. From Syria, we crossed the border to Turkey, where we spent two months before arriving on the island of Chios. Very soon, we settled in Athens, in a central hotel.

Before the war broke in Syria, I was a professional cameraman, filming videos for weddings, receptions and the like. My wife, Nahed, didn’t work as she took up the upbringing of our two, very young, children. Her younger siblings, Mohammed and Amani were still going to school.

We found out that we will relocate to Germany, a fact that made us really happy, since my brother is already living there, in Berlin.

As soon as we get to Germany, we’d like to assess the situation first, to understand it. Our main priority is to get our children to school. As for us, we must learn the German language and get a job. The younger ones would like to continue with their education: Mohammad is 17 and wants to be medical doctor and Amina is 19 and would like to study and practice law".

Through the EU Relocation Programme, the International Organization for Migration in Greece (IOM) supports the Government of Greece in relocating with safety and dignity asylum seekers to other EU Member States of Relocation (MSR). The Programme is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (AMIF).


Previous Country of Residence: 
Syrian Arab Republic

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