Diana , 1,845 km
“I love my home country and I am extremely excited to share its traditions and history with the world.”
Alavidze , 1,734 km
“Our dream is to move to a small Georgian village and start a family business”.
Omar and his family, 1,315 km
"I could open a new store and resume my career as a tailor, while raising our children away from war and pain".
Ali and his family, 1,185 km
"We want nothing more than security, safety and a better future for our children.”
Ahmed, 1,808 km
"Now not only I am ready to return to my home country but I can also start working again."
Younes, 1,938 km
"I like going to school so much! I dream of becoming a doctor when I grow up.”
Sidad , 1,626 km
“I really like the Greek language. When I grow up, I want to be an interpreter.”
Nabil, 1,185 km
“I love working in the food industry. This is the reason why I want to go back to my country and restart my life.”
Ostadazimi, 3,982 km
"I just wanted to get away from Asia, to find a safe place."
Nechirvan , 1,412 km
"My life now is nicer, more quiet. I’m going to English and Greek classes in order to improve my language skills."
Hidar, 4,294 km
"My mother is a teacher. I am very excited to be back in class!"
Mohamed , 4,307 km
"School is really good, as well as my teachers".
Nazir and his daughters , 3,865 km
"It’s very nice in Greece, but we plan to leave with family reunification".
Khurram , 4,533 km
"Participating in IOM’s AVRR project was my only solution".
"Being safe and finding a job were my top priorities...Somehow, I knew that my future is there, in my home country."
Azad and his family , 1,808 km
"We decided to return to our home, but this time in a safe and organized way."
Ismael and his family, 1,412 km
"I am very happy that I will have a new life in France".
Nozary , 1,412 km
"The thought of being back again with my family and friends makes me really happy!".
Mohamad , 1,617 km
“We visited the local bakery and helped the baker make traditional pita bread!”.
Rehmat , 4,602 km
"I strongly believe that I am now ready to go back home and restart my new life".